2024 Spring Clinic in Holmdel


Spring Skills Training

  • Training Developmental Player is a life-long process that is fundamentally tied to Player Development. We must understand Players, Teaching Methods, Learning Styles, Psychology & Parental involvement in Youth Sport.
  • True Player Development occurs when each Player’s daily training or playing environment is of the highest quality.

  Spring Passing & Shooting Techniques at Holmdel Cross Farms

   Developing passing & shooting skills:

Spring Combo with Technique , Passing & Shooting Skills

This is a program we put together to train & develop the players to work on their Techniques, Passing & Shooting to improve their quality of play:  The program cab be Monthly or seasonal for 10 weeks. It starts on Saturday April 13th & end on Saturday June 29th, No May 25th, Memorial Day weekend.

Players will learn: Ball skills, footwork, ball control, AB,C Skills & 1,2,3 Skills to help raise their level of playing & take defenders 1v1 dribbling etc.. 

Also work on:

1.       Passing: pass the ball with the inside of the foot

2.       Passing: pass the ball with the outside of the foot, ,

3.       Passing  long passes, and short passes

4.       Diamond & Triangle: Creating Space, Exploding space.

5.       Shooting with the instep drive

6.       Shooting: scoop shot with the step of the foot

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 AM,  

Price: $200.00 take 10% off for sibling

 Register Now!, at www.momcsl.com or www.soccerpd.com