Basic Rules and Regulations


All Leagues will use FIFA rules as well as its own rules.

  1. Two equal periods of 45 minutes halves shall be play and the half-time interval must not exceed 15 minutes.
  2. Games shall start on time with a 15 minutes grace period if a team is late. teams may reach an agreement or compromise and the referee shall be informed before the game is play.
  3. A game may start with a minimum of seven (7) players, six (6) and a goalie.
  4. A game may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven (7) players.
  5. If the team does not have the minimum number of players after the game has begun and up to 20 minutes from the programmed start of play, and additional players arrive and are not ready to play immediately, the referee may suspend play and declare a forfeit.
  6. Any late arriving players may join the game in progress up until halftime. After half time, late arriving players may only enter the game as a substitute provided the team has not used up its allotment of substitutions.

Category Levels:

All Leagues will have 3 Divisions this year 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  1. Division I
    Teams from 1st to 15th place of last years season shall remain in Division I, the bottom 3 teams from last years season shall be relegated to Division II.
  2. Division II
    Teams from 4th to 12th place of last years season will remain in Division II, the top 3 teams shall move up to Division I if their schedules allow them too. The bottom 3 teams shall be relegated to Division III.
  3. Division III
    Any new team willing to play provided they are on the lower level shall be in Division III. teams that have the potential to be in the Division I and II shall be evaluated base on their capabilities. All new teams are recommended to play 3 scrimmage games with the top teams in the pre season.

Sign Ups:

Sign ups will be held from (TBA) to (TBA) at 42 Broadway on Rt 79 in Freehold.

  • Teams must fill out application.
  • Fill out rosters


  1. Teams shall have a maximum of 22 players and a minimum of 12 players on their roster.
  2. Teams must be in uniform for all official games of the league including opening ceremonies. A 3 games tolerance without uniform will be permitted to the new teams.
  3. Teams shall bring 2 passport pictures for each of the players to make ID cards.
  4. Teams shall possess two good balls before the start of the game.
  5. Team Captain shall be identified by wearing an armband.
  6. Seven (7) changes are allowed including the goalkeeper.
  7. If a team didn’t show up or is forfeited, that team is subject to a fine of up to $200.00 and the players are suspended for at least 3 games with a fine.


  1. The competition is a Round Robin format or each team will play each other either 1 round or 2 rounds depending of the number of the teams we have.
  2. The League Champion will be the team that’s in the 1st place after all regular season games and will be awarded a trophy.
  3. The Crown Champion will be the team that win the final game of the playoffs and will be awarded a trophy.
  4. The Champion of the Champions is the team that will win the game between the two Champions from each Group and will be awarded a prize and a trophy.
  5. All trophies shall be returned back to the league and the prize shall be awarded to the team like in FIFA World Cup. The team that wins the Cup 3 times shall take the Cup and the prize.

The Referees:

  1. Must comply with his/her duties.
  2. His/her decisions are final and shall not be influenced by the public or by any member of the league whatsoever.
  3. Must behave respectfully in front of the players.
  4. Must appear in uniform with all necessary equipment in order to perform his duties on the field of play.
  5. Must keep written track of incidents on the field of play, any protests made by a team, which may have arisen due to a non-credentialed player on the field or due to a bad decision made by the referee. This protest must be duly noted by the referee, including yellow and red cards and expulsions which shall be based on the rules and codes of conduct from the Ethics (and Fair Play) Committee.
  6. The game is controlled by the referee who has the authority to enforce the Laws of the game.
  7. Shall be on time 30 minutes before the game and must be in uniform to perform his duty.
  8. Must verify that the goals have nets and that the lines are painted correctly.
  9. Verify that the BANCAS are in their proper place, that the teams are in uniform, and the soccer balls are in good condition (game ready).

E. Any red card is automatically 1 game suspension.
F. 5 yellow cards are automatically 1 game suspension.
G. Any abuse to anybody, league runners, representatives, coaches, Players, referees, fans etc… shall be subject to sanction and fines.
Any fights or act of violence or anybody who throw a punch, head butt or any object shall be sanctioned and fine or thrown out of the league.


A. Any unexpected issues subsequent to this meeting will be resolved by the person responsible in the event.

B. Mercy Rules:
If the teams can come up with the solution to play the game in a way both teams agree to make it official by letting the referees know, the league may honor it provided the teams contact the authorities.

Ben Konate