Men’s League Details

Monmouth County Soccer League is a Men’s League that offers league games. We start the season on the 1st or 2nd Sunday of April each year weather permitted. Our first meeting is usually the 1st or 2nd week of March, and we follow up with scrimmage games until the start of the league. The League uses FIFA rules as well as his own rules with few exceptions.

Category Levels:

We have 2 Divisions, 1st, and 2Nd

1. Division I: Teams who can play at any times on Sunday will be on the 1st Division
2. Division II: Teams who can only play a particular Time will be on the 2nd Division.


1. The competition is a Round Robin format, or each team will play each other either 1 round or 2 rounds depending on the number of teams we have.
2. The First-Place team after the regular season games will be awarded a trophy.
3. The League Champion will be the team that wins the final game of the playoffs and will be the Crown Champion with awards like 1 big trophy, 22 medals, 22 t-shirts, 22 single trophies.


1. The registration is open for all teams or call 732-670-5891


1. Teams that finish First, Second & Third will get trophies
2. Along with the Best Scorer, Best Goalie, Most Discipline Team, and Most A discipline coach shall be awarded.
3. The Champion receives Trophy, medals, and prize
4. The Finalist receives Trophy and prize.
5. The 3rd. place receives Trophy and prize.
6. Best Scorer Trophy
7. Best Goalie Trophy


1. Two equal periods of 45 minutes halves shall be play and the half-time interval must not exceed 15 minutes.
2. Games shall start on time with a 15 minutes grace period if a team is late. Teams may reach an agreement and the referee shall be informed before the game is play.
3. A game may start with a minimum of seven (7) players, six (6) and a goalie.
4. A game may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven (7) players.