2021 Summer Pro #9 Individual Training

Summer Player Development
  • Training Developmental Player is a life-long process that is fundamentally tied to Player Development. We must understand Players, Teaching Methods, Learning Styles, Psychology & Parental involvement in Youth Sport.
  • True Player Development occurs when each Player’s daily training or playing
    the environment is of the highest quality.
Program #9 Individual Training
  • Progressive Training: Foot speed, leg speed, running technique, a burst of speed, first-step quickness, acceleration, change of direction, quick reaction, coordination, agility, and balance- all without the ball.
  • The ball will be then added to create innovative training with match – like activities that are easily introduced into the practice sessions for individual
  • Skill Training: The first Touch, Running with the ball, ball speed, ball skills, footwork, ball control, dribbling, shooting, passing, moving, give & go’s,