2021 Summer Pro #10 High School Fitness

Program #8 High School Training

5 weeks of intense training, for serious players only Wednesday July 2nd to July 30 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM

Conditioning: work on jogging to build conditioning, endurance with push up, sit up & crunches to maximize strength

Progressive Training: Foot speed, leg speed, running technique, a burst of speed, first-step quickness, acceleration, change of direction, quick reaction, coordination, agility, and balance- all without the ball.

The ball will be then added to create innovative training with match-like activities that are easily introduced into the practice sessions for individual players and groups.

Skill Training: Ball feeling, ball control, footwork, ball skill, decision making, move to beat & get past your opponent, how to make a successful tackle and how to create & convert goal-scoring chances.

Goalkeeping: Dive & catch, quick reaction, positioning, ball feeling, Punting, goal kicks.

IQ in soccer: Meaning intelligence, to developing & build quality which allows a player to recognize and adapt to situations on the soccer pitch quickly and in the high- pressure atmosphere of the game by working on small-sided games.

Price: $225.00 register by June 17th & get 10% off, also 10% off for sibling
after June 17th price is $250.00

Email: bksoccerpd@aol.com or visit the website www.momcsl.com
If you have any questions, contact Ben Konate at 732-670- 5891