Sundays 4v4 Indoor League:

This Winter we’ll be at Tab Ramos Sports Center small space doing the 4v4 league. Each age group will have 4 to 6 teams max. The 4v4 area is a 30’ by 62’ with the state of art turf field & the ball never goes out. It’ll start Sunday January 6th and end Sunday March 10th. Team Registration is $600.00, referee fees are included.

Team Registration Form Team Name:

    Here are the details on the age break down:

    8 & 9 years old will play between 9 AM & 12 AM.

    10 & 11 years old will play between 12 PM & 3 PM

    12 & 13 years old will play between 3 PM & 6 PM Individual players can register individually & will be put on a team. Individual Registration is $100.00

    Individual Registration

      Emergency Contact:

      Each team will have a minimum of 6 players & a maximum of 10 players

      Email: or visit the website, , If you have any questions, contact Ben Konate at 732-670- 5891