Program #8 Team Training

Team Training

The difference between winning and losing is often the successful execution on Set Play situation both on offense and defense.

In a 10 games season what if you could Score 5 More Goals and concede 5 Less Goals – a 10 Goals spread?

In some competitions, I have calculated that as many as 60% of all goals scored have been from Set Play in others as low as 25%.

Take the lower figure 25% one out of every four goals. Do you, as a coach spend 25% or more of your tactical team preparation

time on Set Plays? For the vast majority of soccer coaches, the answer would be “Not”! That’s the difference between a winning and a losing season.

Topics of Soccer Player Development Team Training

Principal of Attack
Set Play
Understanding the Game
Creating Space
Transitional Play
Triangle Midfield
Zonal Defense

Principal of Defense
Decision Making
Exploding Space
Developing Team Play
Small Sided Games
Diamond Shape
Offside Trap